Personalised Nutrition

Has a doctor suggested you change what you eat for your health?
Would you like some help to lose weight?
Are you busy but know you need to prioritise you?
Want some advice and focus?

I can help you take control!

This is no ‘one-size fits all’ approach.  Your ideal health plan needs personalised nutrition.  It depends upon your eating habits & preferences, lifestyle and your health priority.  We’ll discuss and try some different personalised nutrition plans.  We’ll make tweaks and come up with a way of eating and living for life.

My clients say I’m non-judgemental, that I don’t tell them what to do, and making small changes wasn’t as hard as they expected.  They wish they’d done it earlier.

Call me now to start feeling younger and livelier.

Zoe Fisher – Registered Nutritional Therapist for Sheffield, Wakefield, Barnsley and Holmfirth in South & West Yorkshire

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Weight Management

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Digestive Health Plan


Well-being Talks

I thought Zoe was great – covered a lot but in easier to digest (no pun intended!) chunks. Was practical too in her tips which made considering some changes easier to think about. Made me want to get her to move in and sort my life out!

Born + Raised, Sheffield


How to sleep better was really informative. Giving some great tips.  The facilitator was very engaging and I would be interested in learning more.

University of Sheffield


So glad I found you, you really have brought some fantastic positive changes to my diet.

Senior Planner, Leeds

1-2-1 Client

Zoe is totally non judgemental and works with me to understand what I need in order to make healthy weight loss achievable in my life. Zoe nudges me gently towards the behaviour changes I need to make and helps me set realistic goals. Its now week 14 and I have lost 4kgs, am now starting to see my waist (after 20 years!) and feel healthier and stronger.

Clare R

1-2-1 Client

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Let’s Talk Personalised Nutrition

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In Sheffield I work at Wellforce Integrated Medicine Service close to the Sheffield Children’s Hospital, and at my home in Hoylandswaine near Barnsley (just over 5 minutes drive from M1 Jn37).  I have clients further away and I offer skype and phone call consultations.