53 Weight Loss Actions from the University of Oxford

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The University of Oxford PREVAIL trial was picked up in the media last month. People took part in daily weighing for 8 weeks using a weight tracking app.  Half chose from a menu of 53 weight loss actions and used these for action planning, reflecting & evaluating and lost 3kg more than the other half who were just weighing.

Looking at the explanation column of the 53 actions almost all mention cutting calories consumed or burning more calories.  That sounds familiar – eat less and move more.  It does work and I recommend clients use My Fitness Pal (free) or Nutracheck.co.uk (paid for) for app-based food diaries.  They will count calories for fat loss goals but can give you so much information about your current eating that could be used for improving energy, digestive health, or fitness performance.

I found those 53 actions interesting, not new ideas but useful to discuss with weight loss clients.  A selection to help find a few small changes that suit an individual which together can build a new habit and make a difference.  Here’s a link to them as there may be a few you could use to help you on your health journey.

Link to Weight Loss Actions


Sample Actions: a few from the 53 weight loss actions

No calories after 8pm – calories later in the day may not be so effectively used up as we are less active and late calories are often unhealthy

OR similar: Only eat when sitting at a table – which can stop us eating too much without thinking

Skip a meal – if you aren’t a breakfast person then don’t bother but do make sure you eat something balanced when you eat later.

OR similar: Use meal replacement products – I’m thinking of protein shakes as a breakfast alternative which I suggest you mix with milk or dairy alternative and add fruit.

Drink a pint of water before a meal – lots of people I see don’t drink enough so this can help with hydration and also fill up your stomach so you eat less.

Or similar: Cut food into smaller pieces – smaller cutlery and plates feature as actions but this is another way to eat less food overall.  You could also chop food (say the chicken in a stir fry dish) into smaller pieces when cooking.

What do you think?  What’s your best action for fat loss?

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