8 Healthy Foods for your Weight Loss Shopping List

These are my foods for your next shop to help with healthy weight loss. Have a look, there may be something you haven’t considered. I’ve avoided the oats, salmon and nut clichés and haven’t mentioned dark chocolate anywhere. Although I am a fan of all those! If you are Weight Watchers or Slimming World devotees beware, a few may surprise you!

1. Full fat dairy.

I choose real butter, natural live yogurt (not fruit versions), and strongly flavoured hard cheese like parmesan. The fat taste gives you flavour to allow you to cut the sugar and the carbohydrates. Put butter on your corn on the cob, asparagus or a few new potatoes. Spread thinly on bread or crackers. Cook with it. Natural yogurt with fruit is a great addition to breakfast or as a snack or dessert. Or use for cooking and an accompaniment to curry, chilli or other hot foods.

2. Starchy Vegetables

These tend to be the grown ‘under the ground’ and have higher carbohydrate levels than ‘above the ground’ (mostly green) vegetables. Think of butternut squash, pumpkin, swede, parsnip, sweet potato, carrots etc. They help fill you up and allow you to skip the pasta, potatoes and rice. As well as fibre you get vitamins, minerals and other plant nutrients (phytochemicals). Great to mash, roast and turn into wedges. They freeze well so look for ready prepared frozen packs.

3. Eggs

I’m a huge fan of eggs. Free range and organic if possible. Or do you have any local suppliers selling their own eggs nearby? Omelette, scrambled egg, boiled or poached are all great. And not just for a weekend breakfast. Try once or twice in the week or for a quick dinner.

4. All things Coconut

Forget the fat level. Forget that it’s saturated fat. All things coconut have good fat in them. I make a grain-free granola (recipe on Facebook) with coconut flakes (Sainsbury’s, health food shops), nuts and seeds. I put a bit of coconut oil on my porridge ( ½ tsp). I love soups with coconut milk in. I eat COYO coconut yogurt (Ocado). That good fat helps fill you up.

5. Avocado

Full of monounsaturated fat, the same fat that is in olive oil. Have it with a salad and try to skip the carbs at lunch. Or avocado, prawns and cocktail sauce as a light meal? Try guacamole (just chop with a tomato, spring onion and maybe some coriander) as a dip with vegetable sticks or a side to chilli con carne.

Image of guacamole in bowl

6. Tinned Sardines

I like the ones in olive oil with chilli best. Good with salad. Or mix into a tomato pasta sauce. And because they are tinned with a ring pull you can take them as an emergency snack.

7. Frozen berries.

I find frozen raspberries and blueberries are great stand-bys and are lower sugar fruits. Defrost a portion over night for breakfast or dessert (with the natural yogurt). Or add frozen to a milkshake or smoothie.

8. Konjac Noodles

These are made from an Asian plant and are very low in just about everything except fibre. Great to have to make you feel you are having noodles or pasta but without the carbohydrate. I like them in flavourful dishes like stir-fry, spicy soups, or with a great pasta sauce. Holland & Barratt sell Zero Noodles and Slim Noodles and Ocado sell Slendier Noodles (which are also organic).

There is a theme, cut back on the sugar and other carbohydrates and use healthy fats for flavour and to fill you up. If you are interested in losing weight I can help you with a long term healthy eating plan. Come and meet me at https://www.zfnutrition.co.uk/ and follow me on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/ZFNutrition for healthy tips and recipes.

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