Image of Zoe Fisher

What if feeling in control, confident, healthy and energetic was EASY for you?

I’m Zoe, and I know that with your busy life, it can seem difficult if not impossible to take control of your health and feel younger and livelier.

I am here to help make it a LOT easier for you.

Since you’re here I suspect you want to know a little about me and why I’m so passionate about helping you get healthier.

I’ve been virtually the same weight for years, I’d describe myself as a ‘skinny pear’. I grew up with a Mum eating Ryvita, Special K (old style!), and using Gold spread (remember that?). Although I’m a healthy weight my Mum is diabetic, and my Grandmother was too, so I need to watch out.

I have a BSc degree in Economics and worked for over 10 years in the food industry both in food buying and supply and have lots of knowledge about food. After having a family I wanted to focus my interest in food on healthy eating. I took a second BSc degree in Nutritional Medicine and become a Nutritional Therapist. I use coaching techniques to help you find a personalised nutrition and lifestyle plan to meet your health goals and feel amazing.

Ready to find out more?