53 Weight Loss Actions from the University of Oxford

By Zoe | August 4, 2021

The University of Oxford PREVAIL trial was picked up in the media last month. People took part in daily weighing for 8 weeks using a weight tracking app.  Half chose from a menu of 53 weight loss actions and used these for action planning, reflecting & evaluating and lost 3kg more than the other half…

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High Fibre Diet for Weight Loss

By Zoe | July 31, 2015

Will this be the next weight loss diet?  Move over 5:2 diet, here comes the High Fibre Diet.  A recent study (*) found that a high fibre diet could be easier to follow and more effective than a traditional calorie controlled diet for weight loss. It’s focused and it’s simple.  You just eat more high…

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Calories and Alcohol – Could alcohol be making you fat?

By Zoe | April 30, 2015

Calories and alcohol – do you know how many calories there are in your favourite drink? Did you know that as a drinker, on average, 10% of daily calories are from alcohol? Yesterday, MEPs voted for calorie labels to be put on all alcoholic drinks in a vote at the European Parliament to help with…

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