Food Intolerance – think Lactose Intolerance

By Zoe | May 31, 2015

Do you have digestive symptoms like bloating, discomfort and diarrhoea and think food intolerance may be causing it? Have you had norovirus, travellers’ tummy, food poisoning, or suffered another nasty digestive bug? Or you may have been diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). If yes, then the food intolerance could be lactose intolerance, intolerance to…

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3 Great Ideas for Healthy New Year Resolutions

By Zoe | December 30, 2014

I saw on the front of today’s Daily Mail a headline for 25 health resolutions. I didn’t read the article but if you are looking for some suggestions here are 3 great ideas for New Year resolutions to help you be healthier in 2015. Healthy New Year Resolution 1. Go Gluten-free If you have irritable…

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Bloating? 7 Tips To Help You Go Wheat-Free

By Zoe | August 28, 2014

A client sent me photos of their tummy the other day, to prove how bloated they were. That was a first, but bloating is the symptom I hear clients complain about most. I encourage all clients to consult their doctor to rule out other causes but I usually suggest a low fermentable carbohydrate (low FODMAP)…

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Bloated? Try Wheat and Dairy First

By Zoe | February 28, 2014

Feeling uncomfortably full?  Waistband tightens as the day progresses?  One of the most common symptoms people come to me who are experiencing digestive discomfort is bloating.  And I know that feeling as I still get it when I eat too much, too often of certain foods.   Fermentable Carbohydrates Certain carbohydrate foods are not well…

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