Healthy Eating

Health Check

By Zoe | December 30, 2013

I was asked recently by someone I met “I am not overweight and I think I eat healthily so do I need to worry about what I eat?”  This is the expanded answer I gave, beyond food and diet, by way of a checklist of points to improve health.   The BMI (Body Mass Index)…

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Cutting Sugars – part 2 – My Sugar-free Day

By Zoe | November 27, 2013

My sugar-free Day I thought I should trial a sugar-free day to see how I fared as I ask so many people to cut down on sugars.   Sweet foods are the most commonly reported weakness from clients with many experiencing cravings for sugars and other carbohydrates.  I too have a ‘sweet tooth’ and when…

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No thanks, I’m sweet enough – Cutting Sugars Part 1

By Zoe | October 28, 2013

My most repeated advice in clinic is balance your blood sugar by cutting out sugars.  It can give you stable energy levels and help you lose weight. Sugars are a type of carbohydrate and are divided into groups depending upon their structure.  Glucose is one of the simplest sugars and is what the body breaks…

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Shun Artificial Sweeteners and Unsweeten Your Diet

By Zoe | September 26, 2013

Many clients I see have a can of diet fizzy drink a day.  Or a diet yogurt, or have ‘sugar free’ and ‘no added sugar’ drinks and squashes as they think they are better for them.  Instinctively I’m not keen on artificial sweeteners; they aren’t natural and encourage the taste for sweetness.  Studies show that…

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Tips for Fertility, Pregnancy, Children and Health – environmental toxins

By Zoe | June 28, 2013

Hello, this is my first blog.  I am a Nutritionist that works with individuals to create personalised diet and lifestyle programs to meet their health goals.  I have a food background and consider myself a ‘foodie’ and love a healthy recipe to try out and recommend.  My aim is to blog relevant suggestions to improve…

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