Are you doing enough exercise for health and weight loss?

By Zoe | June 30, 2015

Jane is a customer service manager on the shop floor at her local Marks & Spencer store. She cycles 30 minutes to work every day and does the evening dog walk with an energetic spaniel for an hour after dinner. Jack is a computer analyst sat at his desk all day. He goes to the…

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Overweight Child – Would you know?

By Zoe | March 31, 2015

Would you know if you had an overweight child? According to a new British study (*), of almost 3000 children, 31% of parents underestimated whether their child was classified as very overweight (obese), overweight, healthy weight, or underweight. Also only 4 parents described their child as being very overweight despite 369 children being classified as…

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Healthy Eating and Weight Loss – Can You Eat Too Much Fruit?

By Zoe | February 28, 2015

A client asked me recently ‘can you eat too much fruit?’ Colleagues at work had been telling her that there is a lot of sugar in fruit and she shouldn’t eat so much. Here’s my view on fruit for healthy eating and weight loss. Eating Fruit Reduces the Risk of Disease Fruit contains fibre, vitamins,…

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A Healthy Recipe for Success – Get Up, and Eat Vegetables

By Zoe | January 30, 2015

Have you stopped going to the gym already? Relieved dry January is over and about to celebrate this weekend? Well don’t worry, here’s a healthy recipe for small changes everyone can make now. Get Up Sitting for long periods of time, even if you exercise regularly, could increase your chance of dying from any cause.…

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Bloating? 7 Tips To Help You Go Wheat-Free

By Zoe | August 28, 2014

A client sent me photos of their tummy the other day, to prove how bloated they were. That was a first, but bloating is the symptom I hear clients complain about most. I encourage all clients to consult their doctor to rule out other causes but I usually suggest a low fermentable carbohydrate (low FODMAP)…

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4 Ways to Nudge Yourself to Weight Loss

By Zoe | June 30, 2014

I’ve been having lots of discussions with clients recently about temptation at home, work and when out socially. It is harder to protect yourself from the outside environment but you can make small changes at home that encourage you to be healthy. There is current thinking about using your unconscious to ‘nudge’ you into making…

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