High Fibre Diet for Weight Loss

Will this be the next weight loss diet?  Move over 5:2 diet, here comes the High Fibre Diet.  A recent study (*) found that a high fibre diet could be easier to follow and more effective than a traditional calorie controlled diet for weight loss.

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It’s focused and it’s simple.  You just eat more high fibre foods to reach a fibre target each day.  Most people in the UK get about 14g of fibre a day, the recommendation here is 18g a day.  In the US it’s much higher at 25g.  I think 25g is a good target for a fibre weight loss diet.  If you aim for 25g of fibre you will naturally cut down on processed foods.


Benefits of Fibre

It fills you up which can help weight loss.
It helps speed up digestion (which can help you feel lighter and livelier!)
It can help keep your blood sugar levels constant, that keeps your energy stable and can stave off cravings which helps with weight loss.
You should eat more vegetables and fruit and that has extra benefits for health.
Soluble fibre (in oats etc) can help the cholesterol fats in the blood.


What to Eat Tips

You want to get fibre-rich whole foods, that’s wholegrains, beans and pulses, fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds.  Don’t go for foods with ‘added fibre’ like Bran Flakes, you’ll take a lot of sugar at the same time and some people find they irritate their digestive system.

If you pick smart some natural foods are fibre powerhouses.  My favourites are raspberries and blackberries (high fibre fruits) and really (I mean 85% cocoa solids and more) dark chocolate.  Proper 100% wholemeal (not Granary or brown) bread can add fibre too.

Many salad veg aren’t a great source of fibre.  But if you add in vegetables like sweetcorn, cooked asparagus, broccoli, broad beans and grated carrot it adds up.


Monitor it on My Fitness Pal

I’m a fan of this online food diary.  You can have it as an App on your phone too.  You can change the settings so that fibre is one of the measurements.

If you want a chat about a healthy way to weight loss please get in touch.

*Yunsheng et al (2015).  Single-Component Versus Multicomponent Dietary Goals for the Metabolic Syndrome: A Randomized Trial.  Annals of International Medicine 162(4)p248-257


  1. Corina on August 11, 2015 at 4:33 pm

    Hi Zoe,
    My Fitness Pal is great indeed. I lost 3 kg in the last 10 days since I’ve start using it 🙂
    If you allow me to ask, what is, your opinion, more important for losing weight: the diet or the influence of the thyroid and hormones (in)balance?

    • Zoe Fisher on August 12, 2015 at 9:23 am

      Hi Corina,

      Thanks for your comment. In my experience diet is the most likely place where people go wrong. An under-active thyroid can absolutely turn down the metabolism and other hormones play their part in appetite and the speed at which we burn energy. However, this is less frequent than people just not realising the absolute energy (calories) and diet composition (usually too many sugars, contribution of drinks etc). So that’s the first place to start. Zoe

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