Learnings of The Successful Losers

A client said to me recently ‘I have no problem losing weight, absolutely no problem, but I can’t keep it off’.  Some of this is due to the way the weight is lost and how feasible that is as a long-term healthy eating strategy.  Another part of this is the environment we live in which encourages behaviours that go against healthy weight management.

In business one strategy is to copy the successful.  In the US there is The National Weight Control Registry which is a database of more than 10,000 successful losers who have lost at least 30lb (approx. 2 stones/13.5kgs) and kept it off for at least one year.  What is it that these people do to achieve that weight-loss maintenance?  

Examining the database shows these common themes:

1.  They eat breakfast almost every day. 

This helps control blood sugar and your energy levels, which can help stop you snacking on sugary foods later on.


2.  They do a lot of physical activity - on average an hour a day.  The most common activity was walking but many walked along with another, planned exercise. 


3.  They weighed themselves frequently, at least once a week.  This self-monitoring was accompanied by a plan of what to do if the scale reached a certain level. 

Tip: I’m a fan of self-monitoring but instead of scales, use the fit around the waist of a favourite skirt or pair of trousers as a guide.  It’s inches that count as waist measurement is a better guide of size in relation to your health that weight.   

plus size on scales w meas tape


4.  98% of them altered what they ate to lose weight, and they continue to restrain their energy intake by eating a low calorie diet.    

Research shows that weight loss over a year, although it may differ initially, is virtually the same on a variety of different diets studied.  But some diets give better results for different health measures like control of blood sugar, or fat and cholesterol blood measurements, which can be very important depending upon the individual and the reason for losing weight.

If you are interested in weight management I can help you find a sustainable eating plan to suit your health goals taking into account your preferences and lifestyle.  Come and meet me at https://www.zfnutrition.co.uk/ and follow me on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/ZFNutrition for healthy tips and recipes.

For more information about The National Weight Control Registry see http://www.nwcr.ws/

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