Weight Loss

53 Weight Loss Actions from the University of Oxford

By Zoe | August 4, 2021

The University of Oxford PREVAIL trial was picked up in the media last month. People took part in daily weighing for 8 weeks using a weight tracking app.  Half chose from a menu of 53 weight loss actions and used these for action planning, reflecting & evaluating and lost 3kg more than the other half…

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Healthy Eating and Weight Loss – Can You Eat Too Much Fruit?

By Zoe | February 28, 2015

A client asked me recently ‘can you eat too much fruit?’ Colleagues at work had been telling her that there is a lot of sugar in fruit and she shouldn’t eat so much. Here’s my view on fruit for healthy eating and weight loss. Eating Fruit Reduces the Risk of Disease Fruit contains fibre, vitamins,…

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4 Tips from Spain for Weight Loss

By Zoe | July 30, 2014

I’m on my holidays in Spain at the moment and have been slipping into the local way of life. I’ve been contemplating their lifestyle and whilst it isn’t always the perfect Mediterranean diet there are some really useful habits they have that help with weight loss. 1. Menu del dia Many local restaurants have cheap…

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4 Ways to Nudge Yourself to Weight Loss

By Zoe | June 30, 2014

I’ve been having lots of discussions with clients recently about temptation at home, work and when out socially. It is harder to protect yourself from the outside environment but you can make small changes at home that encourage you to be healthy. There is current thinking about using your unconscious to ‘nudge’ you into making…

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8 Healthy Foods for your Weight Loss Shopping List

By Zoe | March 31, 2014

These are my foods for your next shop to help with healthy weight loss. Have a look, there may be something you haven’t considered. I’ve avoided the oats, salmon and nut clichés and haven’t mentioned dark chocolate anywhere. Although I am a fan of all those! If you are Weight Watchers or Slimming World devotees…

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Learnings of The Successful Losers

By Zoe | January 27, 2014

A client said to me recently ‘I have no problem losing weight, absolutely no problem, but I can’t keep it off’.  Some of this is due to the way the weight is lost and how feasible that is as a long-term healthy eating strategy.  Another part of this is the environment we live in which…

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Cutting Sugars – part 2 – My Sugar-free Day

By Zoe | November 27, 2013

My sugar-free Day I thought I should trial a sugar-free day to see how I fared as I ask so many people to cut down on sugars.   Sweet foods are the most commonly reported weakness from clients with many experiencing cravings for sugars and other carbohydrates.  I too have a ‘sweet tooth’ and when…

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