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Personalised Nutrition for Weight Loss

Is your waistband feeling tighter as life gets busier?
Maybe your doctor has suggested you lose weight?
Are you confused by low carb, fasting, and all the different diets?
We are all different so you need personalised nutrition.

A healthy weight is more than just a normal Body Mass Index (BMI) score.  Your waist size is a far better indicator of your size in relation to healthy.  Tummy fat is not inevitable middle-aged spread.  It’s dangerous fat that raises your risk of heart disease, diabetes and some cancers.

We’ll work out a realistic target for your life now.    So that you can monitor yourself we’ll set a weight goal based upon losing 5-10% of your starting weight.  If you weigh 14 stone 5% of that is 10 lbs of weight.  Studies show that losing this amount of weight and keeping it off improves the fats and sugars in your blood and can reduce blood pressure.

We will work together on your portion sizes, and what you eat and drink.  Lower carb, fasting, low fat, a Mediterranean diet, they can all work.  More fruit and vegetables, wholegrains, healthy fats, and foods with natural ingredient lists are all recommended but that doesn’t mean never eating out or no supermarket shortcuts!  It’s about finding a personalised nutrition plan that fits your eating habits and preferences.  We’ll discuss what will fit with your lifestyle, perhaps try some different approaches, make tweaks and come up with a way of eating for life.

As well as a realistic target and portion control, we’ll include in your personalised nutrition approach meal planning, food diaries, and regular contact or accountability.  All these have been shown to work in weight loss studies.

Soon you’ll notice your clothes get looser, people will start to comment that you look well.  You’ll feel more energetic and be motivated to get active.  Personalised nutrition works! 

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Realistic Target

I will help you set a realistic target for your life now, which isn’t necessarily the weight when you got married or when you played competitive sport as a teenager! Did you know that losing just 5% of your bodyweight, and keeping it off, can reduce your risk of heart disease, diabetes and some cancers. That’s just half a stone if you weigh 11 stone.

Targets are based upon more than the Body Mass Index (BMI), and we agree step-by-step goals along the way. Your waist size is a far better indicator of your size in relation to health as where you carry your weight matters. Your waist measurement should be less than half your height. So if you are 5ft 10″ it should be less than 35″, or 5ft 4″ less than 32″.

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Weight can be complex and I can help you resolve things from your lifestyle that then may kickstart the weight loss process. Sometimes I help you get blood tests from your GP to understand or rule out certain conditions that may make your body hold onto weight.

Did you know poor sleep means you are awake longer, and therefore might be eating!, and you feel less like exercising. But it can actually mess up your body’s weight regulating hormones. Long term stress from long ‘to do’ lists and juggling work and family life can make you more likely to put on weight around your middle. Also we are more likely to gain weight as we get older and our metabolism slows. And for women the menopause means you are more likely to put weight on around the tummy.

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Activity Counts

I am really keen you get more active, regularly. This could be walking your dog, playing Badmington with a friend, a dance class, training for a charity challenge, or going to the gym. Exercise helps you sleep better, feel happier, and relax, which all improve your health and help you manage your weight.

People ask me ‘what is the best exercise for weight loss?’, it’s the one you keep doing! Because you enjoy it and it fits with your lifestyle.

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