Well-being Talks

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Well-being Talks for Businesses and Groups

Let me inspire your colleagues or group to make a healthy lifestyle change.
Improve motivation and productivity.
Engaging and interesting content based on sound science.
5 Different health and well-being talks.
One hour time slot for 40 minutes talk and 20 minutes of discussion, demonstrations or tastings.
For Away Days, Lunch Talks, Well-being Weeks, Support Groups
Groups of 5 – 35

7 Health Hacks:  My Top Tips and Ideas

Let me introduce the balanced health wheel with the spokes showing the different aspects of health and well-being including stress and mental health, food, activity and stress.  With my best suggestions of how you can balance your health wheel.

Press ‘Snooze’: Sleep, the neglected well-being & productivity tool

Stop thinking about lack of sleep as a badge of honour and instead as an enjoyable way to get more efficient and creative.  Improve your mood and health too.

What’s for Dinner?: Why Everyone can Menu Plan

Menu plan if you want better health, to meet fitness and performance goals, or for weight loss.  Actually, this is for everyone, to save you time, money and stress.

What Really Works to Lose Weight and Keep it Off?

To help you lose weight and keep it off or just to avoid weight creep as you get older.  You need to know what works based upon studies of successful weight loss.  With lots of tips and suggestions.

Boost Your Immune System

Fed up of not feeling 100%?  Lots of information and advice for how to super charge your immune system.  Is there anything behind old wives’ tales and traditional remedies to avoid coughs and colds?

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I charge £250 for corporate clients for a one hour talk or workshop.   For 3 talks in a day I charge a day’s rate of £600.   I have a reduced rate for not-for-profit organisations so please ask.

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